Like only the most important part of the site. This is where you learn about who made things happen! Right now, it's going to be very brief, until I get off my butt and make it pretty. In no particular order:

Wolfy T. Twisted: Our logo (if you want to call it that). #<3

Estic: The flying raven on the front page. Because we do fly. We're awesome like that.

Sinew: Kept croak from going insane (wait, is that even possible?), provided ideas, helped turn this idea into a reality (when croak might've just brushed it off)

Jachyra: Behind-the-scenes programmer guy. Helps with the PHP and MySQL side of things, provides feedback. Also hosts the site, wootwoot.

Furcadia: The very game where The Conspiracy is based. I mean, come on. Credit!

croak: Just about everything else (including your daily dose of insanity!).