News Bulletin

Working on... more integration (03 April 2010)


More work with CSS, PHP, and all that good stuff. But it's looking better. Still working on the content side of things. Also, I've considered bringing in a chatbox of sorts. Haven't found anything that really stands out, so I'll keep looking.

Working on integration (05 March 2010)


Been working on secret things in the Members Area (wouldn't you like to know). Jachyra helped tons with integrating the login (and the whole PHP aspect of this site, really; much thanks), and I've been working on the CSS, getting colours to play nice, and so on. Sinew and I have also been discussing the roleplay side of things, trying to nail things down so that everyone will have a clear idea of what we're about. We'll keep you all posted. ;)

We've got something! (14 February 2010)


About time I worked on this site, jeez. Lots of work still, and we need to start on the RP front. If you have any enquiries, feel free to whisper croak or Sinew on Furcadia. :)